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Get in Contact with Dr. Shannah Tharp Gilliam

About Dr. Shannah Tharp Gilliam

Dr. Shannah Tharp Gilliam is the director of research and evaluation at the Homewood Children’s Village. She completed her doctoral training as a Caplan Early Childhood Fellow earning her Ph.D. in developmental psychology, a certification in Public Policy and Program Evaluation at the University of Pittsburgh, and a BS in psychology from Georgetown University. As a researcher, developmental psychologist, program evaluator, non-profit executive, program developer, and community advocate, Tharp-Gilliam has nearly 17 years of interdisciplinary and collaborative experience spanning the continuum of the innovation process for rigorous research, effective programs, impactful policymaking, and systemic problem-solving.  


Her passion is synthesizing ideas into cohesive strategies that support equity and justice. She is trained in methodologies including empirical research, community-based participatory research, human-centered design strategies, collective impact, and systems thinking. She is also trained in protocol development, administration, and analysis integrating qualitative data into otherwise quantitative designs. In addition to her role in examining HCV’s direct services, Dr. Gilliam has also led efforts to design and implement systemic strategies to positively impact the lived experience of families, youth, and residents. Tharp-Gilliam was appointed by the Mayor to the board of the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority and also leads collaborations between governmental and community-based agencies through service to the Community Vaccine Coalition, African American Strategic Partners, the Pittsburgh Study Committee for Policy and Place, and the Black Equity Coalition’s Community Engagement sub-committee.

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